[Photo courtesy of]   By Janet Wambua.   In shadows deep where sorrows dwell, A tale of pain, I now shall tell, For in the hearts of teens it lies, A whispered truth, that pain defies.   Within these walls of youthful hearts, Where dreams are forged and torn apart, The ache of growing, […]



  By Shirlene Omondi   Flowers will bloom inside my lungs and keep me from the cold, The earth will embrace me and keep me warm, The world is too chaotic and it’s no one`s fault, Nothing can change for it was my time to go.   Why? You ask, I wish I could give

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Top 5 Anime’s to look out for in 2023

By Ken Andrew 2022 was an amazing year for anime fans with some classics finally getting adapted. Bleach Thousand Year Blood War, Chainsaw Man and Bluelock stole the spotlight from other shows and were hugely popular at the end of the year. Anime News Network Following a successful 2022, here is what there is

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{Photo courtesy of}   By Caren Chelangat   The birds chipping once again The sunshine rays dripping The weeks are gone by It is a new dawn Another new day yet to live in New memories we get to take hold of New moments in life Sunshine brings some demeanor of calmness Yet it is

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Hope In Abundance

{Photo courtesy of Forbes} By Caren Chelagat   Sun rays shimmers as he awake a story A story of a new dawn that awakens sunrise Sunrise as the flower beams in the Wild Wild West The serenity is comforting and seems to speak of inner peace Inner peace that awakens inner beauty The beauty in



(Photo Courtesy of By Abdul Shaban   Times have been tough, and things have gone wrong, But the deep love we share has been there all along, You say why go on, there’s nothing that’s right, But we never give up, we continue to fight.   There’s a light of love that gives us

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