Fatal Mistake

by Ben Ayuko

{image by Nation Media}


She was so tired, end of the day

spent it all, with patients and patients

And patients became, faceless and similar

screaming in unison, “I need a doctor”

So, write up a chart, she did and took him in

sent him to the theatre, they’re waiting for him

really, I mean, it’s my hand with a problem

but if all the doctor’s agreed, then I’m gonna


But he’s also tired, from working all day

He’s feeling so drowsy, he can’t really say

Stripping him down, in scrubs she can dress him

To get him to surgery for his hand swelling


Enter the theatre, doctors are ready

give him anesthetic, sleeps like a baby

then get to drilling and sawing his skull

look for a clot, diagnostics had found


“This guy is clean, are we sure he’s sick”

“Yeah, they said that the clot was this thick”

“Where is his chart, where was it again?”



She stepped in and saw, too late she was

The man’s skull cracked open, bleeding on the floor

“This man on the table, who you’re addressing

He came into the hospital for a swelling”


“What? What happened? Where is he? The rightful one?”

“Recovering. On his own, almost completely done

Seems we won’t even need to conduct his surgery”

“Jesus, so we opened him up then for nothing”


Patching him up, and sending him home

They waived the fee, that’s what he was told

He couldn’t remember, not a lot it

Of course, this was just the start of this habit


3 years of pain, delusion and memory

lapse, of way too many episodes that

remained after the incident

And they didn’t know no-one reached out to them


Not till it was too late, were they to have found

Not till his future was buried in the ground

Not till he’d succumb to the consequence of it

Did they find the truth of what really had happened




Family of patient wrongly operated on at KNH want justice for their son (



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