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Goings on in the main and Valley Road campuses of Daystar University

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Why ‘No’? Chris Xander’s Referendum Stance

By Janet Wambua   Chris Xander Jackton Odhiambo, currently serving as a congressman in the School of Arts and Social Sciences, is a third-year student majoring in Education, English, and Literature. In a recent interview, he shared his primary reasons for advocating a “No” vote in the referendum, highlighting the disconnect between proposed changes and […]

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  By Samuel Owino The ECD (Electoral Commission of Daystar) has announced the date 23rd January 2024 for the voting of the draft constitution. In a statement issued by the ECD to the students via emails, the body states that the voting will be conducted online on Microsoft Outlook. “To ensure a smooth and transparent

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Constitution Review Committee: The Job Of The Law

By Joe Aura   A group of well-capable students from different schools in Daystar University have proposed a draft for a reviewed constitution. The process began in early June and has gone on until now. It involved textual and contextual reviews, together with reviewed suggestions from students within the Daystar community. The draft has

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Daystar University Vice Chancellor, Appointed as International Representative to the Correctional Education Association Board, USA.

[Photo courtesy of Prof. Laban Ayiro Facebook]   By Sophie Kinya.   Our Vice Chancellor, Professor Laban Ayiro has been appointed as an international representative for the Correctional Education Association (CEA) Board, USA. This is a great milestone for both him and Daystar University. The Correctional Education Association (CEA) is an organization for professionals who

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[Photo courtesy Daystar University FB]   By Beverly Mautiah (   Daystar University has expanded it’s  transportation services by acquiring a brand new bus. This new addition to the University’s fleet will serve the Daystar Falcons sports teams. The bus comes as a service to the large and vibrant campus community. Equipped with a range

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By Joe Aura. Death leaves a pain that no one can repair, but love leaves a memory that no one can take. On July 13, 2023, Daystar University bid farewell to Jeremy Don on the main campus. The day’s events included a film screening, talks, and remarks that happened at the ICT theatre, followed by

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