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The Resolve of the Mumen Rider

by Ben Ayuko {image from the anime}   One of the deepest, most underrated characters in Anime…in my opinion. I mean, i’m not exactly an anime junkie, but i’ve seen my fair share and this man is one of the characters that stood out. And why is that? Well, to understand this we have to […]

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The Great Millet Quest: Fostering Innovation, Nutrition, and Employment Opportunities

By Joe Aura contact info: {image by Getty Images}   In Kenya, the current conversation is dominated by discussions on the Finance Bill and its underlying implications on unemployment and agriculture. Recent protests highlight the frustration in economic instability among the youth, exacerbated by job scarcity, low incomes, and high taxes. Amidst this backdrop,


Clash of the Titans

by Ben Ayuko {image by Khel now} Spain and France have been 2 of International Sports more successful sides in recent history Spain, who are in a bit of a resurgence after their period of dominance between 2008 to 2012, will be looking to make up for their last Euros outing, where they crashed out

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Emi Martinez: Penalty King

by Ben Ayuko {image by Getty Images} Goalkeeper Emi Martinez saved 2 penalties in the Copa América quarter final shootout between Argentina and Ecuador to guarantee safe passage for Argentina through to the semi-finals. This wasn’t the first he has done this for Argentina as many will remember his heroics in the World Cup final


Is It Not Too Late…

by Ben Ayuko {image by blakeArt}   Is it not too late, for me to dream To dust off my past, to forgive my sins To set on a course, a new one for me That I’ve always wanted, always believed   Is it not too late, for me to rise To the occasion, with


Honoring the Legacy of Mutegi Njau: A Pillar of Kenyan Journalism

By Joe Aura, In a career that began in 1979 and spanned decades, Mutegi Njau emerged as one of Kenya’s most respected and influential journalists. Known for his keen attention to detail and mastery of the trade, Mutegi’s journey in media blossomed during the era of Kenya’s founding president, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, and continued

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