Wake Up

by Ben Ayuko

{picture by JADOKAR}


If spaceships were real, and they could fly

Why would I bother flying out in the sky

When no other drug could compare to this high

No type of relief could make me this sigh

No shining celestial, no moon or stars

Could ever shine brighter than my mind in the dark

No galaxy far a away or nebula cloud

Could glisten as brilliant as what I’m seeing now



Then I wake up, I’m feeling fine

But I sense something deep inside

Is this real? Is it in my mind?

I can’t stop counting all the times

I’ve tried to get myself to see

This stuff I’m doin isn’t good for me

I’m trapped inside this world of slime

This world of old, this world of mine

This world on hold, is out of time

And I need to get to get out of this lie

It’s Ever present , was always here

From Time started and still it’s here

But Chaos streaming now through the sphere

The bubble burst, out came the tears

The captain jumps ship, oh my dear

The eyes unveiled, the truth is here

The illusion broken, the blood is near

This IS real, This’ real fear

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