Have you made your EURO 24 Fantasy Team Yet?

{by Ben Ayuko}


{image courtesy of Fantasy Scout}


The EURO 2024 tournament is almost underway and if you’re as avid a football fan as I, then you have most definitely thought about assembling a team made up of all of your favourite players and setting them loose on the footballing world to see who could match up to them. Maybe challenging your friends to make a team of their own and comparing which is better. Well, thanks to the UEFA gaming team, you can do just that for the upcoming EURO 2024 cup tournament.

With a budget of €100m, make up your very own team comprised of players who are taking part in the tournament and earn points based their real-life performances on the pitch. This means the players in your fantasy team earn points depending on their performances on the pitch in the competition.

If they score or assist, keep a clean sheet or win back the ball, you earn positive points. If they get book, concede a goal or score an own goal, you get negative points.

At the end of each round, your score is tallied up and compared to the other players playing from all over the world. You could also make a mini league comprising of just you and your close friends. Or random people you don’t know reading your online article. All they would need to do is click on the tournament tab, go to join tournament and input a code, like say:


Or click an auto joining link, like say:

I’m only posting this here as an example, it’s not because I don’t have friends. Really, it isn’t. You believe me, right? Right?

Anyway, if you’re a football fanatic who nobody listens to because they think you do not know what you are talking about, this is a good way to put your reputation on the line and see how you stack up against each other. Even if you aren’t a football fan, it can still be a fun game to play just for the heck of it. Ladies, if you’re trying to get on a potential suitor’s good side by sharing in his love for sport but he seems hesitant to believe your love of football, there will beno doubt about it after you show him your fantasy team.

You can join it at any time as the tournament goes on. You even get to give your team a name and once you’re done setting everything up, this is more or less what it would look like;


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