Nairobi Today

by Ben Ayuko

{image by citizen tv}


so once again it repeats

the people, they want to speak

they didn’t like it before

now they just don’t believe


the reason they roam the streets

in t-shirts and ripped up jeans

and sweaters in sweltering heat

and boots with laces thick


And blouses with purses hanging

the music it could be banging

their blaring horns are wilding

in combat with constant sirens


“Enough is enough,” they’re crying

holding up, waving their signs in

the middle of cityscape, no escape

you will listen this time


Canisters, they blow up so loud

to try and deafen the crowd

blowing them up to chunks

separating their body parts


But the spirit is still intact

“You’ll have to bring more than that”

you try to stifle the people

the people they will react






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