Is It Not Too Late…

by Ben Ayuko

{image by blakeArt}


Is it not too late, for me to dream

To dust off my past, to forgive my sins

To set on a course, a new one for me

That I’ve always wanted, always believed


Is it not too late, for me to rise

To the occasion, with new open eyes

Take-off this facade, this funny disguise

And out of the shadows, into the night


Is it not too late, to howl at the moon

So rugged and primal, my pores they will ooze

Glorious purpose, a new kind of hue

Surrounding this man, oh what would he do


Is it not too late, to show off the shine

Like brilliant lightning bouncing divine

Inside of a bottle, I pour it outside

Reveal all the content, no more can hide


Is it not too late, to retrace my steps

Back to the beginning, to what i have left

In pieces and tatters and just recollect

Every single detail and just start again


Is it not too late, for Jesus to forgive me

All of the sins that he carries upon he

All of the lacerations that I’m causing

All of the blood that he’s bleeding ’cause of me


Is it not too late, to rise from the ashes

Hover Over Olympus like a savage

Like a Titan ready-to take on the masses

Like a bomb ticking away till the last breath


Is it not too late, to be more than I am

To become a being, worthy of a grand

Reception in Valhalla when I Land

To get back on-the-path, originally planned



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