Tom & Jerry 

By Daniel Nyaga 


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Crazy how time flies huh? The year is flying quite fast. 

Lately, I have found myself watching Tom and Jerry a lot (I always watch it I’m just trying to cover up). How I love this Cartoon! It always cracks me up so much. I remember how I would wait for it to be aired on cartoon network each day from 4:15. The highlight of my day.

Now, hold on, I know what you are thinking, “Seriously dude aren’t you too old to watch cartoons?” The answer to that is NO!!

1) Cartoons are very entertaining (I highly recommend them).

2) Tom and Jerry not only entertain me but teaches me a lot about life and especially friendship.

Don’t you just love how Tom is always trying to hunt Jerry down? However, when Tom is sick who will be there to take care of him? You guessed right, it’s Jerry!

So here is what I pick from it…

Never give up – Each time Tom always tries to catch Jerry and most of the time he fails. However, this doesn’t deter Tom as he is always quick to strategize and try again. Never give up! You will fall severally but always strategize and get back out there.

Tom & Jerry always fight but when times get tough they help each other out – We will always fight with the ones we love all the time but what matters is providing emotional security to them when times get tough. Do you offer a shoulder to lean on?

Size does not matter – Jerry always uses his mind to beat Tom. It does not matter how small or voiceless you might think you are. All that matters is how you think and what you believe you are capable of doing. SIZE DOES NOT MATTER!

Confidence is important – I love how Jerry always walks out of his house without caring where Tom is with the main objective being getting cheese from the fridge. If we could have this confidence in our lives we could be far. Don’t worry about others or what might go wrong. Be confident that you will succeed and you too will get your “cheese”

Have a nice month! Blessings to you all.

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