Adventure Time

By Daniel Nyaga 


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“Daniel… Daniel!! You need to wake up and make breakfast. It’s ten o’clock.” Dad shouted as he knocked on my door.

*Rolls over and checks the time on my phone* “Dammit it’s ten… What is wrong with you man? You have an appointment at 10:30 and, certainly, you won’t make it.”

“Good job Daniel, “I muttered rather resigned.

I sat there contemplating whether to get out of bed or go back to sleep. Finally, I threw back the covers and stood slouched beside the bed. “Looking hot as always,” I retorted rather sarcastically as I shuffled past the mirror and yawned my way downstairs to the kitchen to make a much-needed breakfast. Super emphasis on MUCH NEEDED HERE!!

This is how most of my days go… They are normally between “Why do I have no control of my life?” to “I would love to have kids who are like me because I’m awesome.”

And so after giving you a little preview of how my mornings do go, I will get to the main story.

”How does one become a butterfly?” Pooh asked pensively

“You must want to fly so much that you are willing to give up being a caterpillar,” Piglet replied.

“You mean to die?” asked Pooh.

“Yes and no,” he answered.

“What looks like you will die, but what if you will live on.”

A.A. Milne.

Butterflies are very beautiful insects… I have one in my room called Brownie (I just came up with that) and she visits once in a while. However, what draws my attention and in a way makes me relate to Butterflies is how they love to fly. They enjoy the freedom and being able to “Adventure” if I may say… They are so graceful and majestic which makes watching them quite enjoyable. I enjoy freedom! I don’t like being confined. I love to spread my “wings” and fly… It gets my creative side kicking and makes me feel alive.

What new adventures have you had in 2021? Let me rephrase that… “What have you done that is not part of your normal daily routine?” Are you experimenting? You only live once they say. Well, you only die once as well. I urge you who is reading this to kindly go out there (Observe COVID protocols of course) and make the rest of your year count. If you’ve been doing new stuff good for you!! If not “WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?”

Enjoy a good read, go to a jazz concert, run a marathon. Be random and enjoy every day like it will be your last. “Have fun and live a little. Because you know what? People are dying for you to live every day!! Because when you know your life is in danger, that’s when you start appreciating it. Then you discover you have cancer or other terminal illnesses you start living each day like it means something.” – Anonymous

I choose to live by this and hope you will do so as well… It will be difficult at first due to the various responsibilities we all have but with time it will be much easier. You can start by going bowling with your friends once a week and different things will come along. Have fun and invest in yourself. Be a butterfly!!

To many more adventures,

Daniel .M. Nyaga

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