Earth Day Every Day: Protecting Our Planet’s Unsung Heroes

By Joe Aura, []   As we celebrate Earth Day (April 22nd), it is essential to remember that our commitment to environmental conservation extends far beyond a single day of the year. Earth Day is every day, and it serves as a reminder that all living beings, including animals, deserve our protection and care. Among […]



(Photo courtesy of Institute of Entrepreneurship) By Nicole Waweru You might be wondering, ‘Does this topic make sense?’ But in so many ways, it does. Failure can indeed bring success and shape our lives into something greater. I have had my fair share of failures in life, and as much, as I would like to


Greenwashing Awareness

  By Sharon Victoria   We recently celebrated world environmental day on June 5th and it was another opportunity to celebrate and appreciate the environment around us and come up with solutions to the current environmental problems. In light of that, we shall be talking about green washing, a big environmental hazard which has been

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Huzuni Kwa Mama Likizoni

Na Abdul S. Shaban  Mwambie anipigie ni mimi mama yake! Mwambie sina simu ila nimeona picha zake kwenye simu ya kupalaza ya khamisi. Mwambie amenenepa sana ..mwambie nimeona gari lake ni zuri sana ! Ila mwambie mama yake bado naishi kwenye lile banda pamoja na kuku. Mwambie nimeumwa sana ila nikapona bila hata kutumia dawa.

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Issue 247

Use the link below to access the Involvement Newspaper Issue 247 which features a range of articles written by our writers to ensure that you stay informed on News within and outside Daystar.   Click Here .

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