How To Turn A Toxic Work Environment Into A Productive And A Strong Work Relationship

By Victor Seda


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We all want to work in an environment that goes hand in hand with our expectations and beliefs. What about when we find ourselves in an extremely different scenario?

A workplace comprises of people with distinct personalities. Our unique worldviews determine who we are since we think and treat one another according to this perspective. The manner in which I treat my fellow workmate matters a lot. We are living in an era where a lot of stresses exist in our world that affect us. There are people who can control and solve their personal problems, those challenges consume others until it reflects in their places of work.

Obsessively Strict Leaders

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When at work, we strive to please our leaders. We all want to be the best at what we do to capture the attention of these significant people. Benefits like promotions and incentives are some of the triggers of our motivation. The same leaders that we do our best to impress are the same ones that in certain cases are narcissistic, obsessive and unrealistically strict. Such leaders always want to be heard. A situation like this interferes with communication among workers and leaders. The demand of always saying Yes to their instructions is always so high to the point of being confident with your No is like writing your letter of resignation.

This situation might put you in a catch-22 situation whereby you do not know the right person to channel your complaints. Creating a team where you share your thoughts and experiences about the issues you face at work is key in balancing the pressure from work. It is also effective in reducing the narcissistic tendencies of the leader. This develops a sense of camaraderie. A support system that feels the same way as you do and goes through the similar challenges is beneficial in neutralizing the toxicity from work. Approach the leader as a group more often and give positive feedback about the job. Talk about the acts you feel the leader displays often and are interfering with your duties at your job. The leader will realize that his methods of leadership interfere with many people and will change progressively.

Rumors and Negative Energy

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Negative talk, gossips and rumors are also another significant signal of an uncomfortable working environment. Here, you will find high levels of insecurity among workers. Negative energy in a work place always leads to a high turnover since there will be low morale and workers will give excuses of not doing work correctly. It gets to a point whereby employees feign sickness in order to escape from duties. This is a scenario where there are no authentic friendships. In the instance of high turnover, most employees leave the job and look for another job elsewhere.

Acknowledge that you are in an unsuitable working surrounding. This is the most important step in finding a solution to your deplorable situation at work. Actions like communicating effectively with your fellow workers, open mindedness about various issues come thereafter. This will boost the closure among workmates and there will be little to no secrets in the work atmosphere. Often you find that the remedy you have will interfere with the friendships that you have built. On the other hand, after acknowledging that there is a problem, the friendships will be broken but built again with true and genuine intentions.

The joy of anyone is working in an accommodating place that respects the views of every employee irrespective of status economically, socially, or politically. We sometimes find ourselves in a toxic work environment, but there are ways that we can change it to be a productive and strong relationship that works best for us. There is always a solution to every challenge that faces us.

When we look at these obstacles at work as an opportunity that can reveal our strengths and weaknesses, we can correct, polish and appreciate them so that we move forward.

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