DUSA President Declares DUSA Secretary General Impeachment Null & Void

By Evelyne Syombua

The Daystar University Students Association President Walter Nalwa on 25 October declared the impeachment of the DUSA Secretary General null and void.

Walter Nalwa issued the communication via internal memo send to all students, Dean of Students, DUSA Congress Speaker Evans Owino, DUSA Congress among others.

“DUSA Council appreciates critiue either positie or negatie. We highly appreciate issues including agcademics, welfare, co-curricular and extra-curricular. Dragging any other students into your personal, political feuds is uncalled for. However the Secretary General appeared before the congress and apologized for the uterances prior made,” stated the memo.
The memo was send in response to the DUSA Congress communication on the impeachment of the DUSA Secretary General send on 24 October.

DUSA President, Nalwa indictaed in the memo that Congress did not follow the process required, ”The congress leadership did not follow the due process under article 8.13 andi article 8.1c of the DUSA constitution before planning the alleged impeachment. I therefore urge the Congress leadership to be objective and put more focus uniting and not dividing whatsoever”.

Nalwa appealed to his fellow leaders to take care of those under their charge. The fate of the DUSA Secretary General now lies in the hands of the two parties with each holding a different view on the matter.

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