By Wangui Njau

Thumbnail Photo Courtesy of Christine Wambui

Pageantry, reverence, honor, and bliss dawned on the blazing 12th of November 2021 in celebration of the 44th Daystar University graduation ceremony and the class of 2021.

Graced by the presence of distinguished guests amongst them several Vice Chancellors of different universities like our former acting chancellor, Professor Kombo, now the Vice-Chancellor of St. Paul’s University, The President of the University of Northwestern, USA, Dr. Alan Cureton, The CEO of the Kenya Film Commission, a Daystar Alumni Mr. Tom Owase, few representative members of the diplomatic community and a representative Alumni’s of the graduating class 2001 amongst others.

Rising stars shining beyond all impossibilities was the theme for the day as Daystar accoladed all the Integral parts of the university who ensure the smooth running of Daystar as a whole and the 1400 graduates with their respective diplomas, Bachelor’s, Masters, and PhD’s.

The Vice-Chancellor professor Laban Ayiro left us with some powerful words “The people who change the world, the people who change institutions, the people who change homes are the people who, one, put God first and two, choose to be unrealistic in their approach to life,’’ said the Vice-Chancellor.

This was the most powerful and key takeaway of the day as truly the confidence you gain or perfect at Daystar leads you to a conviction that comes with your strengths, your character, and when you set foot in a room there is precedence all around you because you are a Daystarian.

All in all, the 44th Daystar graduation ceremony was definitely one to be revered as the speeches were illuminating and thought-provoking, it was also a celebration of not only the graduands but also the people who mould us on our day to day life, the people who ensure we have a seamless learning experience, the people who work tirelessly and perform their duties that make our lives at Daystar simpler. However, the greatest acknowledgment is to God who has brought us this far and will continue blessing everyone especially our graduates in abundance.

To the graduating class of 2021– Go shine your light and remember you are unstoppable.

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