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If you take classes online, chances are you probably procrastinate doing your assignments from time to time. 

Here are four tips that can help students deal better with procrastination when it comes to online coursework.

  1. Manage motivation

Remote learning can make students feel bored and frustrated therefore, finding ways to stay motivated can prevent procrastination. For instance, instead of viewing the completion of an assignment as a way to fulfill course requirements, you can think about how to turn your coursework into something related to your life or career goals. This will make it more interesting and you will be motivated to get the work done.

2. Manage task and time

Getting more organized helps you keep ahead of your deadlines. Breaking your tasks into bits and listing them based on their importance and urgency makes it easier to finish. Using tech tools, such as calendar and task-management apps, will help you manage your time and monitor how much you’re getting done.

3. Get a little help from friends.

Friends can hold each other accountable and help one another meet set deadlines. This method is particularly helpful for those who struggle with self-control. Telling your friends about the work you need to do will make you accountable and therefore you will have to do it.

4. Create a good learning space

Make sure that the environment you work in is supportive of learning. In your home, try to set up your surroundings in a way that suits your learning habits. For example, make your study area brighter and noise-proof.

Finishing coursework within set deadlines has been a challenge for most of us during online learning, but these tips together with determination and motivation would make it possible.

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