Council candidates ready for April 1 elections

By Muhanguzi Tola

Aspirants for the upcoming elections pose for a photo with the ECD

Presidential candidates Marco Laboso and Ian Agina have confirmed their camps’ preparedness following the announcement of the election date by the Vice Chancellor earlier today.

The elections shall be conducted on April 1 through e-suffrage, according to a communiqué from Prof.  Ayiro.

“As team forward we are quite confident that we will emerge victorious. We have put in all the effort we can, and have been putting God first in all our actions,” said Marco, who also indicated his camp’s satisfaction in the electoral commission’s work.

His counterpart Ian Agina thanked the VC for clarifying the election date. He further stated that they “hope for a friend fair election process for a better student leadership that is focused on serving people.”

On ECD’s preparedness, Agina, popularly known as D’voice, refrained from commenting, but hopes that they are.

The mentioned date leaves the electoral commission with less than a week to complete the required procedures for conducting the elections. According to ECD CEO Michael Mwanza, the commission is still working on ways of having the debate. He however was not clear on the reasons as to why the debate had been cancelled. The commission is also liaising with an independent contractor to ready the voting system.

“I’m still working with the person contracted on getting the system ready…concerning the debate, we haven’t decided whether to have it or not, but it is a matter under discussion,” said Mr. Mwanzia.

The commission’s chair- John Wills Njoroge has assured students that the elections will indeed take place on the mentioned date.

“The ECD is committed to see that students’ representatives are elected according to the constitution of DUSA. As stipulated, the congress will be elected and thereafter the council within the calendar,” stated the chair.

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