By Abdul Shaban


Hear the wind roar with its numbing sound,

Nature lions roar as it shakes the ground.


Nature is full of beauty and danger as well,

From radiant meadows to the desert hell.


The ice so cold it can freeze you to the core.

Whilst beautiful snowflakes carpet the floor.


We take nature for granted we see it each day,

And it’s beauty is always on display.


Why are we so  dismissive when trees and flowers bloom,

We walk around in despair and gloom,


Yet all around us fields of gold,

Watching natures beauty unfold.


As it creates patterns so exquisite so precise.

Plants with such fragrant spice.


Perfume that so intense.

That surrounds every sense.


We are surrounded its fragrance captures our soul,

We are hypnotised we have lost control.


As the clouds above pass us by,

Do we look up at the sky?


Do we notice nature at all!

Do we hear it’s wondrous call?


As leaves turn from green into red,

Nature sleeping , it isn’t dead.


Winter spring summer or fall,

It is there , there for us all.

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