By Abdul Shaban



Floating at the river

Thousand poems of a believer

Cigarettes burns the liver

Held by demons none to deliver


Here comes my lover

Who blows up my cover

White, red flowers of clover

They are my favourite flowers


Lie them on the grave

Pour your tears of grief

Tell my love I was brave

“Yes whisper to my grave”


I did not finish my race

Too young to lose my face

Ooh please grant me this grace

Visit me forever in here my place


Take my poems to archives

Let them change millions lives

Let them be your daily chives

Do it to remember my lasting vibes


Don’t come to my funeral

Let it be for the world in general

That I wasn’t your all in all

Put my picture at the cathedral


Don’t take my picture and post

I’m still young to be lost

I’m still young to die young

But if I die young…keep this love


Still young


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