Inside Daystar University’s Strategic Plan

by Sumaya Hussein


Daystar University’s August 2020-July 2025 Strategic Plan launched at the main campus in Athi River – Edna Dushime

Daystar University on Thursday launched a redefined Strategic Plan that includes the university’s goals and vision for the next five years.

The August 2020 to July 2025 Strategic Plan was unveiled in a joint launch event held at the Athi River campus, where the school flag, anthem, new gym and apiary were also launched.

The process of the strategic plan was a result of self-examination and engagement with stakeholders who were involved to challenge the status quo to accommodate the new way of life brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic.

By 2025, the University plans to double its research output, strengthen the quality of programs offered and sustain entrepreneurial culture to diversify sources of income for the university.

The plan also intends to exhibit prudent financial management and stabilize the financial viability of the university. It also includes expansion of the institution’s national and international presence through alliances, as well as fostering an organizational culture that nurtures the next generation of leadership.

“We are asking our trustees, the company, the council, the management and the Daystar community to embrace this document, and we shall have a special team to see to its implementation,” said Prof. Laban Ayiro after the official unveiling of the Strategic Plan.

DVC ARSA, Prof. Faith Nguru mentioned that the plan is a faith-based plan that will help to “see and to be sure of what we hope for and to be certain of what we do not see.”

VC Prof. Laban Ayiro and DVC Prof. Faith Nguru unveiling the August 2020- July 2025 Strategic Plan – Edna Dushime

The university has already began implementing the strategic plan through activities such as construction of the perimeter wall in the Athi River campus, beautification of both campuses and building and equipping the communication studios.

Other activities include refurbishment of the school gym, commissioning of the school apiary and introduction of an automated and integrated ERP system for efficient service delivery.

The university is also planning to switch to solar energy to save on electricity bills and become involved in environmental conservation.

Members of the institution can acquire a copy of the strategic plan to read through and commit to ensuring the university achieves the stated goals.

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