Daystar Launches School Anthem and Flag

By Fatiha Shabir


Daystar Music students singing the School Anthem for the first time during its launch at the main campus in Athi River – Edna Dushime

Daystar University on Thursday launched the School Anthem and School Flag at a joint launch event held at the main campus in Athi River.

The event was attended by the university founder Dr. Donald Smith, Vice Chancellor Prof Laban Ayiro, DVC ARSA Prof. Faith Nguru, members of the Board, Senate, faculty, students and staff.

The Dean of the School of Communication, Prof. Levi Obonyo, introduced the School Anthem saying it embodies the themes of love, unity, peace, liberty and servant leadership.

“The importance of the anthem really struck me recently when I visited other universities and seeing the entire community rallying together in the words of the anthem that stirred their spirits as they moved forth to pursue the purpose of the university,” said Prof Levi Obonyo.

The words of the anthem were put together by the Department of Language and Performing Arts, together with Dr. Evelyn Ogari. The Anthem was performed for the first time during the launch event by the Daystar Music students.

The University flag which was unveiled by the Corporate Affairs department, features the Daystar Coat of Arms (Crest) which is second to the logo. The star symbol was conceptualized by the founders Dr. Donald Smith and his wife, Mrs. Faye Smith, to signify beginning.

“The flag fortifies the aspirations of the founders of this university. We are fortifying the existence of this institution by having this flag,” Prof Laban Ayiro stated. “Daystar is now pronouncing itself and Daystar plans to remain standing.”

Official Daystar University Flag unveiled to the school during the joint launch event – Edna Dushime

The flag will be compulsory and every Daystar Vehicle will have a sticker of the flag. The sports team will also get one they will carry when they go out to sports events.

The university has also produced a variety of corporate merchandise items which “carry the spirit of the flag and Anthem.” They include T-shirts, bandannas, capes, ties and keyholders.

Students and staff are encouraged to purchase the merchandise, wear them and embrace the Daystar spirit.

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