By Abdul Shaban



In my city

The pavements are not perfect

But every corner has a bustling market


In my city

Music is in the hearts and air

But many dreams are strapped on to the chair


In my city

Traffic is chaotic and crazy

And here some go hungry


In my city

Movie stars rub shoulders with the common man

But he is a “star” and this is eventually a “fan”


In my city

Anything can be found on sale on the streets

But you need to be smart, no depth of cheats


In my city

This vendor will sell his items by the end of the day

Glad to have struck a deal in his own way


In my city

There is so much to do

But everything has a price, you pay your chew


In my city

I feel safe wherever I go

But there are alleys where you may get a blow


In my city

The heat and humidity is at times unbearable

But it is here that cold is some times another hurdle


In my city

The pavements may not be perfect

But every road, lane, footpath and garden always does connect


This is NAIROBI… a city of dreams

Live and let live… the aura here screams.

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