Daystar Students Engage In The Battle of the Campuses

By Evelyne Syombua


Thumbnail Photo Courtesy of the Julius Kilile.

A dream that has been shared by many African leaders emerged a debate between the Daystar Campuses on July 29. The motion being a united Africa is a farfetched idea that cannot be realized.

The Daystar University Peace and International Studies Student Association (DUPISSA), Daystar Debate club, and the Daystar Model United Nations club (DMUN) were the clubs that organized the debate.  The debate pitted the two campuses. The Athi River students were proposing the motion while their counterparts from the Nairobi campus opposing. The opposers were led by Desmond Mwyne, Joy Kiriga, Wendy Mukiri and Jeremy Atambo. The proposers included Daisy Rono, Ghislaine Rody, Jeremy Njuguna, and Julius Kilile.

The University’s Congress speaker Noel Shimba chaired the debate. He commended the participation of the students who turned up in large numbers to witness the first debate held at the main campus.

“The motion of the day was timely and attracted many students.  We thank God it managed to attract this number of students in light of Covid-19 challenges. As the speaker I am happy and hope to see more debates of this sort,” said Noel Shimba.

In attendance were: Head of Department  School of Arts and Humanities Madam Sylvia Wakene,  Madam Winnie Chemng’orem, Madam Esther Kibe, and the guest judge Mr George Maangi .

Mr Maangi was impressed by the teams that organized the debate, and the debaters.

“Both sides want the best for this Africa. We are not on either side but the debate is about being realistic regarding what is possible and what is not. The proposers drew their strength from the way things are and how they are going to remain for a while unless something drastic is done,” he stated.

The debate was heated with each team coming at each other in full force. When it came to them being prepared, all participants were ready with valid, and strong points. They were also ready to answer questions from the audience.

The Athi River with the Head of department Arts and Humanities, Madam SylviaPrime  Wakene ane the speaker Noel Shimba. Photo Courtesy of  Julius Kilile. 

Jeremy Atambo one of the opposers, encouraged those present to champion for the ideals of the late Muammar Gaddafi, of having an Africa for Africa. The proposers had language and ethnicity among their points.

“In order to understand one another when conversing, we will need one language, “Jeremy Don a proposer stated.

The opposers went ahead to counter this. They stated that language and ethnicity should not be a reason why Africa’s unity is yet to be achieved.  They went ahead to quote the United States of America that despite their difference in ethnicity and language they are united.

As the judges applauded both teams for being passionate about the topic and giving their comments, Madam Esther Kibe said, “Our shared fate as Africans must be tied so close together from a point of individualism and not just the leadership aspect.”

The judges used the following criteria to decide on a winner. They scrutinized organization and clarity, use of arguments, use of examples and facts, use of rebattle from different teams. Also the tone of voice and use of non-verbal communication.

“This debate has demonstrated our potential that is yet to be tapped. We will be doing this more and watch this space, “Madam Sylvia Wakene said.

The opposers emerged victorious after garnering 879 points with the proposers coming second with a total of 830 points. The Athi river team promised to come back, bigger, better, and take the trophy home next time, while the champions look forward to defend their trophy in the next battle field.

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