By Baraka Mboya,

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The Daystar University Congress held their first sitting on July 28, three months after their election into office.  In unison, they have strived to build relationships among students, the administration and staff.

The Congress had six motions set. All committee chairpersons had a chance to present their reports to the house. They also addressed Daystar Installment Fee. This came about after grievances from students regarding their student portals being closed early hence making it hard for them to submit assignments, access class notes or hold forums. The congress advised that instead of closing portals, the school could let students do their exams and if their fee balance is not paid, they offered the solution of the student to get exempted from beginning a new semester. This would help students graduate on time, instead of having to redo the course again.

“The congress sitting was important because through the reports we got to see the work of the different committees,”said the Congress clerk Eunice Siameto.

It was sad to notice the communication committee was not represented. According to the DUSA constitution, this is the committee in charge of the association’s publications, developing and maintaining the association’s website, running opinion polls on issues of interests to the association, publicizing the activities of the association among others.

The audit committee presented the proposed budget by the treasurer but went ahead to state that they are yet to receive a printed version of the budget from the treasurer, Madam Wambui Njoroge.

The clubs and associations committee has worked hand in hand with Campus Governors in reviving the various clubs on both campuses. The clubs that they have managed to revive so far include: the debate club, Daystar University Peace and International Studies Students Association, Daystar Model United Nations club among others.

The events management committee have had their best foot forward having hosted the Daystar Talanta event in both campuses.

The Congress also debated on gaining support from the administration on student activities. This included monetary funds, getting access to school resources and overall recognition of student’s activities.

Congresswoman Daisy Rono, representing the school of arts and humanities, raised a grievance of miscommunication of funds allocated for student activities. Other school representatives too were concerned and felt that they were given a cold shoulder by the administration.

Inclusion of people with disabilities in the constitution was also discussed. They acknowledged and supported inclusion of mental health. They wished people with depression, anxiety, PTSD, should be acknowledged and given priority.

The Congress will have their next sitting is in October 1.




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