It Was All Pomp And Colour At Daystar Talanta

By Kenedy Mwololo


In a week packed with endless assignments and group problems to tackle as lecturers desperately honor their end of semester, last-minute-rush, tradition to complete their remaining course works, I wouldn’t miss Daystar Talanta for anything.

The amphitheater was prepped up for the event on July 22, and the podium beckoned for all who had been bitten by the showbiz bug to ascend it. Blue and yellow balloons adorned every pillar in the hall and some even made their way onto the stage where the stars would make their debuts.

The flowing black background gave the stage a dignified look as cobalt blue and golden ribbons clung to it like stars in the night sky. The perfect arena for the perfect night!

Sadly, the audience was a killjoy. I couldn’t help but pity the MCs who constantly screamed into their microphones to grab the stone crowd’s attention. Their reward was only one or two shouts from the female audience.

It took an eternity for the performances to start and when they did, my adrenaline flowed in jets. The audience must have been experiencing the same since their enthusiastic roars, coupled with the Afro-beat music, kept me from hearing my own shrill.

A dance group had slid its way into the stage and even my hard-to-impressed nature had to admit it was real talent. The next performance was spoken word which was performed in the most sophisticated voice my ears had ever had the pleasure of listening to. Unfortunately, I can’t remember the name of the piece but it touched my heartstrings so deeply I doubt I will sleep poorly again.

Only three performances stood out for me the most. The screams from the audience seemed to judge the performance long before the actual judges gave their take on the performance. It was obvious even to the dumbest fellow who would take the day and it was going to be a queen. The first one that impressed me was the dance crew led by the happy-footed chap whose alias is Patrobus. As I remarked earlier, that was real talent!

The second one was the spoken word by the lady of the sophisticated voice. As a future teacher of English, I was in utter disbelief. Such grammar and articulation obviously deserved a prize. The audience however willed it to someone else; which brings me to my third performance. Shirlene is her name. They went wild before she even set foot on the stage. Her melodious voice seemed to enchant them as they showered her with cheers and chanted her name. That damsel can sing!

The excitement reached a crescendo when controversial superstar, Eric Omondi, made a surprise appearance on the podium. His fashion style I will not discuss since I am a fashion illiterate. One daring damsel even took to the stage to ask for a selfie with him. Before the icon left, he played philanthropist and donated about 65,000 shillings to support two upcoming bands. One can only pray they grab the opportunity to reach the stars since fortune knocks once.

Deshcare International also got a presentation on stage and I must say I will join them for the sanitary pads drive at Kibera informal settlement in Nairobi this weekend. I can hardly wait! The next performances boasted male soloists singing to the tune of skilled guitarists. The refreshments arrived just as the clock struck 11 PM. After a few solo performances, Noah Distributors and Horis Delivery, two business start-ups by Daystar students, gave video presentations of their services and I must say, I was greatly intrigued to try them and promote homegrown businesses.

Time didn’t seem to matter anymore even as midnight approached. My mind was still unchanged though but the rest of the audience had made up their mind. I am sure the judges had too. The eye witness I had left behind to watch the event till its completion later informed me what i already knew. The last dance crew had floored the rest of their competition to bag 30,000 shillings. I do rather apologize to you, dear reader, for failing to mention the names of the lion-hearted youths that awed us with raw talent this evening. I was unfortunately forced into the back of the amphitheater where I could hardly hear those wielding the microphones.

I speak for the rest of the audience when I say ‘Daystar has talanta’.

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