Cs Magoha Warns Students against Using Face Masks to Cheat During Exams

By: Nicholas Kweyu


Education Cs George Magoha speaking at Kwale County where he received a title deed for the Kenya Coast National Polytechnic – Citizen Digital

With national examinations set to begin on Monday, Education Cabinet Secretary, George Magoha, has warned candidates against using facemasks to cheat.

This comes after the ministry of education received intelligent reports that some sly students were planning to cheat by writing answers on the inside of their face masks.

Magoha has therefore directed that facemasks be subjected to intense scrutiny and security before one can access the examination halls.

“There are some people cheating the students to write everything inside the masks. I’m going to ask all centre managers that all students must remove their masks before entering exam rooms. So, let no student waste his/her time writing things inside the mask, they’re supposed to prevent you from corona. If we catch you, we’re not going to be very merciful with you,” said Cs Magoha, while speaking in Kwale county.

He has specifically called out Migori and Kisii counties as “the headquarters of exam cheating” and has said that these two regions are on the Ministry of Education’s radar.

“I am telling you, you are planning to do certain things, and we’re watching you. Try and you will see,” said Prof. Magoha.

The Education CS has lamented that examination cheating is an unhealthy trend that candidates should avoid and that they should genuinely work hard in order to achieve excellence.

Magoha has also expressed that other cases of examination cheating, impersonations, leakages and other irregularities will not be tolerated.

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