Congress Passes A Vote of No Confidence Against The Secretary General

By Evelyne Syombua


Thumbnail Photo Courtesy of Instagram (dusacouncil_official)

The DUSA congress passed a vote of no confidence against the Secretary General, on Friday 10 September, with 17 votes out of the 27 members present voting for the motion.

This comes after an earlier Congress special meeting held on 2 September saw the members present resolve to summoning the Secretary- General over his decision to suspend the President and treasurer to explain his actions to the body.

Nairobi Campus Deputy Speaker Miss Diana Monthe said that the actions to be taken after the vote of confidence are yet to be decided thus better kept in house.“That is still a pending decision so we would like to keep it in the house until a conclusion is made,” said Miss Monthe.

The Congress speaker, Noel Shimba had earlier stated that the actions taken by the Council members to eject the president and treasurer were wrong as they did not do that through congress. As the meeting continued, the Council members were given a chance to address the sitting and the Secretary General was called upon to defend himself against the allegations raised by his fellow council members.

The sitting was in light of the conflict around the DUSA hierarchy. The sitting was graced by the DUSA Council members, with the president in from the beginning with the Secretary General, Nairobi Campus Secretary and Treasurer joining in later. There were calls for Congress to take firm action and act upon the disarray of the DUSA council and it was even brought forward as a petition by Congressman Victor.

The Nairobi Campus Governor, Brian Achoka, however, felt the DUSA Congress did not look into the matter carefully and instead were led by propaganda and rumours in the making of their decisions.

“The Congress seam to be led by emotions instead of looking into this matter with a clean eye. If the could have gone down on into this matter they could have come up with clear resolutions and they could have seen what is really going on,” he said.

The next congress sitting is scheduled for October 1.

As the DUSA government representatives “dance” to their duties yet they have a constitution to guide them , students’ eyes are on them as their clocks tics, it seems they are a government on trial.

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