DUSA President Marco Laboso Resumes Duties .

BY Ken Andrew

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The DUSA President Marco Laboso and the treasurer Wambui Njoroge resume their duties. The secretary General Caleb Paul alias Msando sent an email to students informing them of the President’s and treasurer’s resumption of duties.

This came after the DUSA council had a meeting with the Dean of students Rev. Mutinda Musyimi and the Associate Dean Madam Grace Karanja. The meeting was held on Friday 10 September in Valley Road Campus. Unfortunately only two council members were present Brian Achoka and Caleb Paul, with the rest, including the President and the treasurer, who formed the major part of the discussion, absent. After much deliberation, it was agreed that Marco Laboso and Wambui Njoroge would be “reinstated” in their roles as President and Treasurer respectively.

Even though the two were reinstated, the Nairobi Campus Secretary Brian ‘Zaza’ Achoka remained adamant that this was a wakeup call for the two. Zaza pointed out that the same urge one had to get into office and serve the students during the campaign period should be present after securing the seat. He went ahead to state that the DUSA council has no misunderstanding but dysfunctional members. He also added that since the air had been cleared, it is important that the council pulls together and resume their roles.

“We had several resolutions in today’s meeting and we agreed that some DUSA council members need to wake up and serve students. It is unreasonable for one to hold office and yet they cannot serve but you had the urge to get into office. It is unfortunate that some have to be pushed to work. We as an association need to forge ahead so that we can serve and produce results to the fullest because we are here to serve students and not ourselves,” he said.

The Secretary General of DUSA, Caleb Paul, better known as ‘Msando’, reiterated what was said by Zaza on having the urge to serve in office before and after the campaign period. He also stated that he hopes their presence will be felt as it was felt during their campaign period.

“DUSA oversees what is being done for the students, and being too busy to serve the people who gave you the mandate to serve them then it is not okay. Now that the treasure and present have resumed their duties we hope they will be upto their tasks. We are yet to have a budget yet it’s two months since the financial year began. This is a wake up call for them to come back in full capacity,’’ said Caleb Paul alias Msando.

With the Council back intact and members wanting to pull together and work, how will the current DUSA government fair in their remaining months in office, considering their loopholes are yet to be covered.

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