Congress Attempts to Resolve DUSA Government Issues

By Evelyne Syombua


On Friday, 1 October, the DUSA Congress held its second sitting in Nairobi Campus in which they took some steps to resolve issues surrounding the DUSA government.

Just like the Treasurer, the Secretary-General did not escape their resolutions. Having passed a vote of no confidence against him in a special sitting held on Friday 10 September, the congress had consequences instore for him.

They resolved to the withdrawal of privileges due to the DUSA secretary-general, Mr. Caleb Paul alias Msando for 30 working days commencing on 1st October 2021.

The Secretary-General will continue serving in his office but will be required to submit a weekly report to Congress of his operations since assuming office.

The consequences he faced are as a result of an email he sent to students on 1 September appointing the Deputy President, Monica Gitau, and ISADU President Duc Florian as the acting president and treasurer respectively.

As the Congress Speaker, Noel Shimba had stated earlier this was done without following the right procedure. As stated by the Speaker, the Secretary-General should not have acted on behalf of Congress and should have received approval from the president before sending the email.

“…the content of his communication is what I would render null and void because ideally he is not supposed to act on behalf of the congress,” stated Shimba. He also added,  “he is supposed to act on behalf of the council and his message should receive approval from the chair of the DUSA Council and this is the president Marco Laboso himself.”

The actions taken by the Congress on the Secretary-General are to cut across all DUSA council members resorted to such actions again.

In the making of decisions, a few emotions are bound to be bruised, and this was no difference for some Congress members.

With a semester left to the next elections, the DUSA Congress seems to be putting its best foot forward on a journey to vindication.

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  1. It’s unfortunate you are reporting such things and it’s clear the treasurer is incompetence and DUSA lacks budget really it’s good you get your facts right

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