School of Business and Economics Holds Entrepreneurship Forum to Encourage Students

By Caren Chelangat

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Daystar School of Business and Economics held an entrepreneurial discussion on Wednesday 6 October in Athi River Campus, aimed to motivate students to have an entrepreneurial mindset. The event was organized by the Congressman School of Business and Economics Joshua Ngomeli.

The guest speakers were Noah Karuri the Founder and CEO of Noah distributors and Gideon Maingi a Business and Market Consultant Dealing in Real Estate and Logistics.

Noah talked of his entrepreneurial journey, how he meets his student needs through his business and applies what he was taught in class to the actual world. He also talked of how he is able to balance school work and his business.

Gideon Maingi shared to the audience how to get capital in forming a partnership, identifying a problem, and generating multiple ideas on how to benefit from it business-wise. He also shared the process of registering a business.

He went ahead and encouraged the audience to use their youthful minds to come up with business ideas as early as now to prepare for the future.

The Dean commended the event and conquered with a number of ideas they had discussed and thanked all those who attended the event. He also encouraged the audience to practice those humble ideas.

Dr. Ochomba a Business lecturer thanked the audience for showing up and congratulated the two speakers who are his former students for such a wonderful discussion.

At the end of the discussion, Congressman Joshua Ngomeli, thanked everyone who showed up and promised to organize more entrepreneurial discussions to keep on motivating the students to have business-wise ideas.

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