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By Caren Chelagat


Birds are an important part of an ecosystem. We need birds far more than they need us .There is such a vast variety of birds, of many different sizes, that perform important roles within even just one ecosystem.

Smaller birds may eat seeds and nuts, dropping many of these to the forest floor where creatures below can access these nutrients. Some birds control insect populations and prevent them from overwhelming plants and trees.

Birds help to balance the food chain by eating fast-reproducing rodents and insects. This ensures populations are managed and do not grow to unsustainable levels, which can devastate ecosystems.

Birds are unique in the animal world and incredibly intelligent. Ravens can mimic sounds, African Grey Parrots can learn hundreds of words, and Blue Jays have been shown to use tools.

Trees use fungi within their roots, where an intricate network forms. It is believed that trees rely on fungi networks to communicate with one another, share resources like food and water, and send distress signals if there is an insect attack.
Birds are completing an important service by spreading fungi, as this ensures trees have a healthy and diverse supply for this symbiotic relationship.

Humans  harvest bird droppings to be used as fertilizers. These dropping have high content of nitrogen, phosphate and potassium, which are nutrients that are essential for plant growth.
Feathers are used all over the world to stuff pillows, mattresses, sleeping bags, coats and quilting .The most preferred are from the geese family which is the most soft of all birds.

Nectar- feeding birds are important pollinators since they move the pollen from flower to flower to help fertilize the sex cells and create new plants .An example are hummingbirds , the sunbird and honey-eaters.
Birds are food ; chicken , turkey and ducks are used for production of meat and eggs which was introduced due to the development of poultry.

As part of nature we should protect the birds and provide a good environment for them at our homes like water outside , nuts and seeds as well to give them food , they are part of creation and we are supposed to take care of creation like God commanded.

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