Alarm Antics: Unleashing Your Inner Snooze Champion

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By Janet Wambua


We’ve all been there folks, the epic battle between you and your alarm clock, a showdown fit for the ages. If there’s one thing students have perfected, it’s the delicate dance of snoozing. Forget dancing like nobody’s watching, I’m talking about snoozing like nobody’s counting.


Let’s talk about my snooze escapades, shall we? I’ve hit the snooze button more times than I’ve hit the “skip intro” button on Netflix. In fact, I’ve turned snoozing into an art form, a finely tuned dance routine between my finger and the snooze button, as I convince myself that I’ll be able to conquer the world after just five more minutes of sleep.


Every morning, it’s a battle of wits between me and my alarm. It sounds, I snooze, it sounds again, I snooze again. It’s a timeless symphony of beeping and dreaming. Funny right?


The initial “BEEP BEEP BEEP” assaults your eardrums, and that’s when the snooze symphony begins. Your half-asleep hand fumbles for your phone like it’s a lifeline, and you’re a sleep deprived sailor lost at sea. A quick tap on the snooze button, and you’re granted a blissful nine minutes of extra sleep. Ah, the sweet illusion that nine minutes can somehow rejuvenate your entire existence.


But who are you kidding? In the span of three snooze cycles, you’ve transformed from a responsible adult-in-training to a pro-level alarm ninja. As your alarm keeps ringing, you keep hitting snooze, convinced that your snooze reflex has become your second nature.


And let’s not forget the masterpiece of excuses your half-awake brain concocts. “I’ll wake up at the next snooze. No, seriously, THIS time I mean it!” you declare with the conviction of someone who’s about to start that assignment due in three days. Spoiler alert: you probably won’t.


By the time you decide to finally emerge from your cozy cocoon, you’re already running late, blaming the universe for conspiring against your noble attempts at punctuality.


So there you have it, dear students, the tale of the snooze symphony. From hitting the snooze button like you’re playing a life-saving game  to negotiating with your alarm like it’s your last-ditch shot at diplomacy. As funny as this sounds, I must say snoozing is like an art, a science, and an Olympic sport all rolled into one.


As you venture forth into your snooze-filled mornings, just remember, you’re not alone. There’s a whole world of us out here, stumbling through the snooze button together, one nine-minute interval at a time.

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