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By Samwel Owino


Wednesday, 6 September, marks the last day of the Africa Climate Summit co-hosted by the African Union and the Kenyan government that lasted 3 days in Nairobi, Kenya where African leaders convened to discuss climate change.

One of the main issues of the summit was that countries in Africa suffer the most as a result of the greenhouse gases even though they contribute least to none to pollution.

On Tuesday during the opening session of heads of state, several leaders made their proposals towards climate action and financing and its future. The proposals made are featured in the “Nairobi declaration” ahead of the cop28 to be held in the United Arab Emirates late November.

Cop28 president, Sultan Al Jaber proposed on finding a plan that is all inclusive and one that delivers.

“We need an integrated approach that delivers transformation progress and we need a plan that leaves no one behind,” he said.

The Nairobi declaration announced by Kenya’s president, William Ruto, has been adopted by  political and business leaders to raise $23Bn to fight the effects of climate change in Africa.

A united African voice could generate momentum for a series of key gatherings leading to the UN climate summit starting in November, including the G20 meeting in New Delhi on Saturday, 9 September, 2023.

“We march on with the Nairobi declaration,” said President Ruto, bringing the three-day conference to a close.

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