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Win for Media Students as Daystar Studios receive high-tech equipment

By Sumaya Hussein


Complete studio at the Valley Road Campus. PHOTO/Eric Kadenge

This week saw studios at the Valley Road campus and Shine FM get filled with high-tech equipment, donated by the University of Northwestern- St Paul. The donations worth Ksh10million arrived at the Nairobi campus on Wednesday, and on Friday for Shine FM in Athi River.

Dean, School of Communication Prof. Levi Obonyo was present during the installation of the equipment at the Shine FM studios. Speaking to Involvement, the Dean said that the upgrade is a win for communication students since they will have a chance to interact with equipment that is “on a different level”.

“The only problem with this equipment now is that you might get stuck when you go out to the industry,” said Prof. Obonyo, adding that such gear is rare to find.

The Nairobi campus has five complete studios equipped with microphones, monitors, speakers and a digital console. Shine FM studios have been upgraded and fitted with high quality radio technology for better broadcasting.

The equipment was brought to the campuses by a team from Northwestern University, who set up the studios and trained staff on how to operate the gear. Director of Engineering Rod Thannum said that the donations were a good way of honoring the Lord and making the studios modern.

“Hopefully the students can get a great experience and when they go out to the market place, they’ll be trained on high-tech gear,” said Thannum.

University of Northwestern-St Paul is a private Christian university in Roseville, Minnesota. The institution owns a number of radio stations in the mid-west and Eastern United States, broadcasting listener-supported Christian music and teachings. Each year the university raises funds for mission projects such as the one in Daystar. “It’s the way that the listeners of Northwestern can bless other people throughout the world,” said Thannum.

According to Thannum, Daystar was listed as a beneficiary some years earlier but the COVID-19 pandemic delayed the arrival of equipment. “After about a year and a half of cancelling flights, we are finally here,” said Thannum.

Media students are particularly excited about the new equipment whose arrival followed the completion of the new studios at the Valley Road Campus.

Studio technicians receive brief training on how to operate the new equipment. PHOTO/ Eric Kadenge



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