By Abdul Shaban


What if nature is not fair to you

What if I marry your girlfriend,

What if I treat her better than you did,

What if I live my promises with her,

Will you still be mad at me?


What if she finds the love of her life in me,

What if I sent sweet romantic poems to her,

What if I go with her to the movies,

What if I build a home with her,

What if I get kids with her,

Will you still forgive me?


What if she lies to you only to be with me,

What if she fails to come meet you,

Only to come and hang out with me,

What if she lies to you she doesn’t sing,

But sings to me the whole night,

Will you be stupid to believe her?


What if I am the hero in her dreams,

What if her heart melts only when she sees me,

What if she introduces me to you as her cousin,

And deep inside I’m her beloved lover,

What if she pecks me in front of you,

Will you be kind enough to give us a space?


When that time comes,

When I finally marry your girlfriend,

Don’t be mad instead be happy,

For she will be secure,

Safe in my arms .

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