By Abdul Shaban


What if the hand would fall for the leg,

Get married and bear children,

Regardless of the looks, the number of toes or fingers,

How would life have been?


Rivers ain’t flowing from the same source anymore,

No romance without finance,

Good looks go with a sense of humour,

If you ain’t armed you ain’t qualified!


You are the song my heart sings,

A beauty I’d love to wife,

A house to forever build on,

The lyrics are so new to forget…


Afraid of this vacuum I’m,

Pieces to fill it are scattered,

Life is slowly getting out of hand,

A blade of grass tightly onto I hold,

Fearing stealthily it might slide out.


It’s a prayer humbly I make,

Fight the battle for our sake,

A proposal am ready to make,

Physicians, save my rib!



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