You are a beautiful soul,
I verbalize my love just to sow,
I think we meet at a dream I saw,
Told you my name, you didn’t say “..So..”

Ask you to be mine,
After taking some wine,
You blush and gave a silent whine,
You wanted me to be your love line,

Our amour has endeavor,
Much pain or whatsoever,
It just wanted us to be clever,
Perhaps be together forever,

You be my queen,
Maybe you wanna be my pen quill,
My volatile moods you just quell,
You are forever in my side never to quit,

The night zephyr is so breezy,
To have add infinitum amour isn’t easy,
Am too romantic making you feel cheesy,
Imagine I bought you Pepsi,

Even though you ain’t here,
I still feel you near,
Your scent all over none to dare,
Your angelic voice is all I hear,

Am in tears since I can’t see you mine,
I wanna see you, even if it is a crime,
You are innocent you just gave me time,
Fight just for me to prime,

Fought with the drug dealer,
For me not to be an addict of taquila,
You are my great pillar,
When your soul is torn I be your healer,

Beautiful soul with passion,
Just because of me you are in prison,
No eye witness to this even one person,
Am not good but I keep up with fashion,

I really miss you my joy,
I got many things to do like chores,
But my mind is in total chaos,
For you being jailed is my cause,

I got hope we shall meet,
Have fun and even eat,
I will protect you from the sun heat,
Am faithful,I promise I will not cheat,

We shall meet again my angel,
To me you are an angel,
Sent to save me,
Am sorry for the mess,

My beautiful soul…

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