Its not my life I am trying to endanger,
Life is a journey I want to be your passenger,

Keep the roses I like the smell of ginger,
Maybe am just crazy I want to be your ninja,

And forget the dinner suit no I like it with your working apron,
It makes more sense coz the latter only gives sexy pics to upload,

And come on…I love how you lift that load,
Is that what you’d do to me coz you look so bold?

And yes we just met but what if you mean my lifetime?
I want to see us struggle together through our rough times,

Sorry I didn’t say my name- call me Safaricom, I am your better option,
The girl who its you I see so do I call you an optician,

And I didn’t choose you for lack of a better option,
Its love by first sight and that you can caption,

No don’t stare tell me when we should move in together,
And it takes too much courage for me to gather,

Maybe because you don’t look like a girlfriend you look like a mother,
So how about we conduct our masses in bed so my children get a mother?

And don’t you worry I will be with you forever in quarantine,
All seasons through celebrating each day of Valentine,

Tell me are you in for this skeptical idea?
Coz my gasses in you are ideal,

Stranger with you I want forever,
By your side till whenever,

To wake you everyday at dawn,
Not with the alarm am talking of moans,

Promise me your world I came along with the moon,
With no guarantee I want our first kiss in honeymoon.

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