By Beverly Mautiah

The dean calls off the pajama/lounge wear party claiming it was unacceptable.
The event, organized by the Nairobi Campus Secretary, Ken Andrew, through an email, stated that students were invited to a pajama party.

“ I am excited to welcome all students next week to a first-of-its-kind event in Daystar: a pajama party”. Read the email.
The event was to take place on January 26 from 3pm to 10.30 pm at the Nairobi Campus.

A number of activities were planned for that day such as eSports, movie night ,board games and many others.
A football tournament with a cash prize for the winner was also among the scheduled activities that was to be conducted during the event.
In response to the email , the dean remarked that the invite was not approved by the Student Affairs Department.

It was noted by the dean that pajamas are meant for private use only.
“ The flyer mentions the event dress code as “ Pajamas and Lounge wear”. Pajamas are nightwear worn for sleeping and for private use, not public”. Dean noted.
He then claimed that it was against Daystar University’s dress code. “ Pajamas aren’t part of the acceptable Daystar University dresscode”. Said the Dean.

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