Teenagers Develop App to Curb Plastic Pollution

By Fatiha Shabir


Plastic Pollution in Lake Victoria, Kisumu – Nation

Two teenagers in Kisumu have developed a mobile app that can help in plastic management, in order to curb pollution in Lake Victoria.

The app was developed by 15-year old Michelle Muchilwa and her 13-year old brother Jeremy, after the two witnessed the alarming drop of fishes in Lake Victoria.

The reduction is said to be because of excessive plastic waste in and around the lake region.

The app of the two teenagers is aimed towards incorporating the younger generation into the fight against pollution.

“There is a major issue in Kenya where our youth are not connected to their natural spaces,” said Michelle. “As the youth, it is our time to go out and decide what we want our future to look like. Do I want Kenya to be a place with a dead Lake Victoria or do I want it to be a country that managed to develop without destroying its natural resources?”

The application upon its release, will have an interactive interphase where the user will provide their details and also provide information on the number and type of plastic that they have collected in their specific location.

The app would also guide and direct its users to the nearest recycling plant to ensure proper waste management of the plastic collected.

The app is still in the developing stages and is set to be available on downloading sites by January 2022.

The app is hoped to help reduce the number of plastics found in Lake Victoria. Moreover, it is hoped that the development will be embraced by Kenyans to aid in the fight against plastic pollution.

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