Teach Me Lord

By: Evelyne Syombua (issyombua@gmail.com)

Thumbnail photo courtesy of theconversation.com

It’s been long,
Long since I sat and listened,
Long since I prayed,
But not too long since I called.
Just for You to keep me strong,
For you to keep me going.

In the brokenness,
Teach me to praise.
In the waiting,
Teach me patience.
In the healing,
Teach me to trust.
Not just the process,
But also the processor – You.

Teach me your ways,
Let my heart delight in your laws,
Let my desire be your will.
During the storm,
Teach me to be still.

Remind me of your love,
Remind me of your grace,
Remind me of your mercy,
Remind me to hold on.],
For a while,
Just till you say…
“It’s over….”
Till you are done with me.
Remind me, Father,
That I am yours.

As you heal my broken pieces,
I will have peace.


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