Daystar Begins Asset Verification Process

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Daystar University began its fixed asset verification exercise on Thursday to establish its existing assets, their location, numbers and condition, after which a report will be prepared.

According to the Finance Manager, Mrs Phyllis Mutua, it is important to have the exercise to identify where resources are and for accountability purposes given that the University has two branches. The exercise was set to begin on February 1 but delayed due to registration of new students that tied the hands of the few available staff.

Speaking to Involvement, Mrs Mutua emphasized that the department cannot neglect other office assignments to carry out the exercise. Therefore, they shall dedicate two hours of their day to conduct the exercise from Thursday 4, February 2021.

Agape Library at Daystar University Athi River Campus. Photo courtesy of Daystar University Twitter.

Asset verification has not taken place for the last two years majorly because of the changes in the leadership of the institution that saw Prof. Laban Ayiro take over as the university Vice-Chancellor.
However, the institution is well endowed with resources, in terms of land, equipment, vehicles and buildings. It has heavily invested in the physical libraries on both campuses, ensuring they are well equipped with core textbooks and other learning materials.

“Daystar is well endorsed with resources and that is in terms of land, vehicles and classrooms and even the facilities we have”, said Finance Manager, Mrs Mutua.

The finance department is set to introduce a new implementation of their systems that will not only be beneficial to students but shall also ease the work done by its staff. The department is working hand in hand with a few members of the admissions department to ensure that the exercise is a success.

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