Student-led Organization provides Fresh Water to Daystar Residents

By: Sumaya Hussein


Residents lining up to fetch water in jerrycans – Photo/Dan Adudah

Desh Care International (DCI), a student-led organization, on Saturday provided free and fresh water to locals living around Daystar University.

The organization pitched a Clean Water truck in the areas of Kwa Wanubi, Sokoni and Pioneer, where people were invited to fetch water from 10am to 4pm.

“You find around Daystar, people are really struggling to access water so, we saw it would be really nice for us to team up and contribute among ourselves to give water to the community,” said Dennis Mavia, CEO and Founder of DCI.

Over 500 people from the community turned up to fetch the clean water.

DCI is a charitable foundation that provides basic needs and sanitary towels to less fortunate kids in the slums.

Formed in 2020, the organization’s management mainly consists of Daystar students who came together to help address issues of poverty, lack of clean water, education and sanitary towels.

Members of DCI holding up their organization’s poster on April 3 – Photo- Dennis Mavia

Moreover, they educate the public on importance of hygiene and ways of ensuring food security, as well as empower young girls.

“We have a team of coordinators and contact tracing agents who go to the slums and carefully look for those girls who are really in need and cannot provide for themselves. We then take their names and provide sanitary towels to them on a monthly basis,” said Mr. Mavia.

The organization currently provides sanitary towels to 300 girls every month.

In matters of education, DCI contacts families that cannot afford school fees and helps to enroll their children into good schools.

Since its founding, the organization has helped over 1000 girls in Kibera and are hoping to reach out to and help more than a million girls in all slums.

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