Recess and It’s Benefits for University Students

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By Joe Aura 



Students at Daystar University have been reflecting on the need to approach the institution about extending their recess period from just a single day.

Recess is a time during the school day when students can engage in physical activity, connect with their friends, and take a mental break from their academic work. Daystar University is a well-known university that provides a wide range of scholarly knowledge and career and personal application skills, which means that a lot of information is handed out to and absorbed by its students.

Recess programs, according to a Stanford University research, can help adolescents feel more involved, more secured, and optimistic about school. A well-organized recess program can also help students prepare to learn once they return to the classroom. Recess enables Daystar University students to take a break from their academic work and engage in physical activities such as sports or games. This can help them enhance their physical and mental wellbeing.

Students can also use recess to connect with their peers and form relationships that may continue beyond their university years. Glamour, a Daystar University student and Daystar Christian Fellowship member, was able to spend her recess with her members at a camp and participate in team building activities. “ I spent my recess at Mtoni camp in Gilgil. It was an incredible spiritual awakening experience. During that time, I felt relaxed and had a lot to learn. We went for early morning runs to the river, cooked together, and fellowshipped. Meeting individuals who introduce you to a different way of thinking and perceiving life was one of the things I loved.” (Glamour is a second year student pursuing Communication in Electronic Media.)

Academic breaks are also important for students since they help them avoid fatigue and enhance productivity. Students can recharge their batteries, reduce stress, and improve their overall well-being by taking a break from studying. UCL concludes that regular pauses can improve memory, provide energy boosts, reduce stress, improve health, and increase performance and creativity.

Here’s a funny story to conclude on why taking a break is important: A teacher assigned her students to write an essay about what they would do with a million dollars. “I would give half to charity and keep the other half for myself,” one student wrote. The teacher questioned why the student would keep half for himself. “Well, I wouldn’t want to be too tired from giving all the money away!” said the student.

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