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By Caren Chelangat

Perception is when we become aware of objects and events in the world through our various senses.

There is some way as humans we tend to judge people on our first sight at them the first meet up makes the first impression , we judge according to how we see people , how people carry themselves around and other times how people dress .

Communication is the process of passing information from one person to another we get to receive and give information through various channels .Our mood also strongly affects how we view people and events .

I learnt too that we should get to approach people fast before we actually assume what they are basing on our own thinking towards because as humans we tend to like look things through a times we are actually wrong with our thinking towards people and at other times we are actually good guessers.

Culture is the peoples way of life ,we should embrace our culture it is a mark of our identity as Africans as we emulated a lot of the western culture and we got to take it on as our own without necessarily remembering our roots .

The way we assume people whether they are smart , lazy or annoying is actually the way we will treat them and we should weigh things before we take action since we might actually be getting the wrong impression from them which is actually not it.

The kind of work we do actually gives us our own take of the world and we have various occupations in the planet so just like we all have different jobs in the world our view of the world is equally different amongst ourselves.

The old people view the world as a different angle because their own time the universe was still shabby and not yet modernized but now they are seeing it in a whole new different angle because during their time , the universe was actually a different thing.

The experience we go through makes us have a certain view on some things or some specific kind of people incase we encounter rude remarks from traffic policemen we will definitely presume all traffic police are rude .

The way we relate with people also determines how we will look at them the case of having a partner and assuming that he is just ignorant even he meant something in some other form of way we will automatically take the remark as ignorant because we just assume he or she is ignorant. Information must be arranged in some certain typa way that makes it have a meaning to the world as a whole.

Our mood depends on how we interact with others ;when a person is hungry and has been in the office the entire day definitely will have a bad mood due to the hunger and will interact with people in a moody way. We should interact with people after then we perceive their thoughts and all after an encounter with them.

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