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By Caren Chelagat

The history of videogames began in the 1950s as computer scientists began designing simple games and simulators as minicomputers . Videogames are also known as computer games , they are electronic games in which players control images on a screen.

Playing videogames is used as a form of entertainment and is an effective way to keep a person occupied. In todays world, videogames have become so common . There are videogames that can keep you healthy with enough exercise , an example is active video games while there are some that just make you lazy and want to sit all day long ; that is how addicting computers are nowadays with improved technology that makes everything interesting.

The positive effects of videogames are numerous from better memory to improved mood and social skills . When it comes to memory , video games require some serious strategy and concentration. With 3D graphics and the immersive audio, videogames are extremely rich in stimuli since navigating the virtual world of video games is similar to the real world .When you must juggle multiple tasks and goals while navigating a virtual space, you are exercising your hippocampus , which is the part of the brain , that is responsible for converting short-term memory to long-term memory which also aids in directions in case you get lost .

Videogames can also be a great way to relax and unwind. Short and simple games like Angry birds are known to make you happier while videogames that are complex and deeply immersive can also be therapeutic . When a person is fully absorbed into the games , one has no time to think about the hassles and tassels of life since video games is a perfect way to give your brain break from the anxiety and stress of everyday life.

Most genre of video games involve problem-solving , whether it is figuring out a puzzle or finding a swift escape route . These problems involve memorization and analysis and some a little creativity is needed to figure it all out. Some games have some instructions that are needed to move on to the next level and this always has a couple of errors , this patience teaches us to be more persistence and resilient in life.

Fast video games like NFS , Need for Speed or Call of Duty requires you to make decisions quickly . Such games improve our ability to make decisions in life Gamers who love action games could make more quickly decisions than non-gamers or those who play slow -paced games . Faster decision making is beneficial in everyday life as you can accomplish more when you make trivial decisions quickly.

With the emergence of many fitness videogames , it is easy to get a workout while playing an exciting video game. Games like Wii Fit or Dance Dance Revolution requires the player to get up and get active . These video games are good for your health and can be a great way to break a sweat without necessarily going to the gym.

Moderate video game play can improve social skills and reduce anxiety . When players are able to take on fictional personas in the virtual world , they are free to experiment with social interactions , which then teaches them what good social behaviuor is.

When you are playing videogames , your brain is growing and working , as you try to figure out how a puzzle or a mission goes, you are learning. Continued learning and stimulating your brain is essential to keeping it healthy as you age. As your brain ages , your memory , focus and ability to multitask all begin to decline . While young people are able to juggle several mental demands at once , older people may find it difficult to stay focused even on a single task However, they are many ways to keep your brain young such as ; doing puzzles ,eating healthy, exercising and even playing videogames .

From better memory to better navigation , playing the video games you already love is great for your brain . Now , the next time someone tells you to stop playing videogames so much , you have an arsenal of evidence to support you love for gaming.

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