By Leroy Wuone

“I love football and I am a go getter,” said Mr. Ken Andrew Muganda.

The culture week 2023, Nairobi campus was great for me, but tough because we had to prepare as early as June. I had to contact various different embassies like Japan and China .Actually their representatives were here in Daystar Nairobi Campus; they came to experience the 2023 Nairobi campus culture week, Daystar University. My experience as campus governor Nairobi has been of adventure, it needed me to be much disciplined, even at the moment, and I still am. It also requires lot patience as you interact with different students on a daily basis, people with different personalities’ and character. I had to be patient with the students’ as well as as planning as it `began as early JUNE.

“It has been TOUGH,” remarked the ever smiling campus Governor. “Balancing between academics and leadership. Balancing between work and leadership is not easy,” remarked the bold campus governor. Even so, I have managed to balance the two as time goes by,it has not, in any way affected my grades as my grades have actually improved. My hope is to bring my vision for Nairobi campus students
Into life. That is my MAIN AGENDA.”

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