By Sharon Waithanji

Breast Cancer month is here. From 1st October to 31st October every year. It is symbolized with a pink ribbon. This movement is really effective with people learning how to make breast cancer known everywhere.

There are easy methods which are taught during this time on how to check whether there are lumps in your breasts. There are also many cancer centres put up country wide that provide free screening of cancer. This not only increases awareness of breast cancer but also allows people to learn about the symptoms, preventions and treatment.

One thing people fail to know is that breast cancer can also affect men. According to statistics by the National Breast Cancer Development Inc. only one percent of all breast cancer diagnosed is men. About 245,000 cases of breast cancer are diagnosed in women and 2,200 in men each year in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It said 41,000 women and 460 men die from breast cancer in the US annually.

In most cases the breast cancer is diagnosed late. One factor in diagnosis delay is a lack of awareness. While many women know how to look out for changes that could indicate breast cancer, there is less awareness among men, which means they may be less likely to seek help in the early stages.

The fact that both men and women are born with some breast cells and tissue. Even though males do not develop milk-producing breasts, a man’s breast cells and tissue can still develop cancer.

The likely symptoms of the breast cancer in men are the same with the ones in females:
A lump in one breast, which is usually painless
• Nipple retraction, ulceration, and discharge
• Skin puckering or dimpling on the breast
• Redness or scaling of the skin on the breast or nipple

If the cancer spreads, there are advanced symptoms like:
Swelling in the lymph glands, in or near the underarm area
• Breast pain
• Bone pain

The treatment for Male breast cancer is the same as the women’s so there are really high rates of survival are cure and solutions.

Just last week, Singer Beyoncé Knowles’ father, Mathew Knowles revealed his fight with breast cancer. This should be a push to all men and a good reason to spread awareness.

As we spread the Breast cancer awareness, let us not forget the men and make them aware it also affects them. Men get Breast cancer too.

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