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By Caren Chelangat


The birds chipping once again

The sunshine rays dripping

The weeks are gone by

It is a new dawn

Another new day yet to live in

New memories we get to take hold of

New moments in life

Sunshine brings some demeanor of calmness

Yet it is said rain are an indication of blessings

Sunshine brings some peace and quiet

We get to rethink of the future that is yet to come

No idea of what is in store for us

But the optimistic side won the whole part of us

We are left yearning for wealth

Without thinking of ways to toil our wealth

Once again wealth and riches absorb us

As we plot of ways to get wealthier

Any means available as we are all in need of riches

We are all lustful for wealth and ready to die for it

Mother nature is now left in control.

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