How to make good leaders in the current society

By Raphael Mutuku

A leader is a reflection of the society he or she leads. PHOTO | Thinking Maps

People are a clear reflection of their leaders’ actions, meaning that in a society, a leader is a picture of the people he or she is representing. Leadership should involve translating vision into reality and producing more leaders instead of followers.

Take a look at our leaders- those chosen and those who work their way through leading positions. How they use resources is a clear reflection of the values and norms that are embraced in that particular society.

If the society is corrupt, its leaders will definitely follow suit. We blame our leaders for being corrupt while we have embraced the vice. Corruption is being normalised, as it starts from the grassroots. Most people engage in activities such as bribery, unknowingly making corruption a norm in the society.

The basis of corruption in reference of the Bible is the heart. “The heart is deceitful above all things…” (Jeremiah 17:9).

The only way to better our society is to teach and embrace good virtues. Loyalty, bravery and truth lead this list. These three virtues are so important in every aspect of life. Our society has been embracing and raising deceitful and greedy people. We live in a society where it’s a man eat man affair, everybody for his own and God for us all. If we raise generations in strict observance of the three main virtues and teach them good values then we will have good leaders and a vision that will easily get actualised.

Due to dishonesty and greed, we live in a society where resources are allocated in favor of particular people and not the citizen who needs to be served. Good leadership is one that is built in Christian values and the three main virtues.   

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