Hope In Abundance

{Photo courtesy of Forbes}

By Caren Chelagat


Sun rays shimmers as he awake a story

A story of a new dawn that awakens sunrise

Sunrise as the flower beams in the Wild Wild West

The serenity is comforting and seems to speak of inner peace

Inner peace that awakens inner beauty

The beauty in life that makes it glamorous and soothing

We are set to look to the East as we await for the wits

The universe is not our home

As we set out to seek solace

We are masters of peacemakers

Art in making all a complete will

A complete understanding that rocks it all

We are all left to gaze at the stars as they twinkle as that is ideally where we got the glimmer

Let in the the sun beam

That lights up the one dream

That we used to have when we don’t sleep

And wish for the best seems

Hope is never lost.

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